Do you need a certified translation of your document? Our court- sworn translators will provide an official translation accompanied with a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translated text. You can choose from a wide range of language combinations.

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Certified Translation

A certified translation is necessary for official purposes and is produced by a court-sworn translator. It is attached to the original document along with the translator’s clause. For electronic documents, it is delivered as a digitally signed PDF/A format.

Certified Translation in Paper Form

A court-sworn translator produces translation and attaches it to the original document, along with a clause bearing their seal and signature to certify its accuracy.

You need the original or an officially certified paper copy of the document.

Paper documents are commonly used and accepted by all institutions, preferred by foreign authorities, and eligible for apostille certification.

Electronic certified translation

A certified electronic translation contains the original and translated document with a qualified electronic signature from a court-sworn translator, valid for 5 years.

You need to send us the original document file via email.

Benefits include time and cost savings, as you won't need to visit our office or make extra certified copies. The electronic format allows for easy distribution.

What languages do we translate?

Our court- sworn translators are highly professional experts. We translate all European and world languages.

We advise you

Contact the intended institution to clarify their specific needs for certified translation. Certified translation requirements differ significantly.

Czech POINT provides document conversion services, allowing certified documents to be converted freely between paper and electronic forms at a fee of CZK 30 per page.

What are the most common documents requiring a certified translation?

Official Documents

  • Notarial deeds
  • Court judgments
  • Criminal history certificates
  • Incorporation certificates
  • Documents for foreign institutions
  • Miscellaneous certificates
  • Business agreements

Personal Documents

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • Death certificates, wills

  • Medical reports

  • Certificates of roadworthiness

  • Identity documents

  • Documents pertaining to education

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The price for a certified translation depends on the language combination and the length of the translated text. Send us a preview of the text, such as a scanned copy, and we will send back a price quote immediately.

Ordering a certified translation from SPĚVÁČEK will provide you with a host of benefits.

  • We will help you navigate the process.

  • We will select a court- sworn translator from our large pool of experts who is best suited for your text. Hint: Every court- sworn translator is a professional with the mandatory credentials. Nevertheless, there are differences between individual translators, especially in regard to their specialization.

  • Even a court- sworn translator can make a mistake. That is not the case with SPĚVÁČEK. The meticulous checks we carry out for every certified translation guarantee that no formal errors whatsoever pass undetected and uncorrected.

As a rule, payment is made when you place your order. We accept payment by cash, payment card, or bank transfer. 

The amount of time necessary for completing a translation depends on the length of the text and the language combination. We always try to meet the client’s requirements and complete the work in the shortest possible time. If you send us the original of your document in advance in electronic form, we can start translating immediately after you approve the price quote and remit a payment. This way, the time needed for delivering the final product can be shortened considerably.

When you request a price quote, you can e-mail us the document in any common format. Based on your specific requirements, we will specify what documents and in what format (original, certified copy, simple copy) are needed for producing a certified translation.

It depends on what type of certified translation you require. You can either receive the certified translation in paper form or, if you opt for electronic form, you will receive the translation in the PDF format by e-mail.

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Certified Translation

A certified translation is required for certain official purposes. In that case, a certified translation is produced by a court-sworn translator, and the translated document is attached to the original text together with the translator’s clause. If the document is in electronic form, the certified translation is delivered in the format of a digitally signed PDF/A document.

TIP: Certified translation requirements vary considerably from one institution to another. Before ordering a translation, we recommend contacting the institution for which your translation is intended to find out what their exact requirements are.

Certified Translation in Paper Form

A certified translation is produced by a court- sworn translator. The translated document is attached to the original text together with the translator's clause bearing the translator's seal and signature certifying the accuracy of the translation.

You need: The original or an officially certified copy of the document in paper form.

Advantages: Official translations of documents in paper form are commonplace and they are accepted by all institutions. Authorities abroad prefer documents in paper form. In addition, paper documents are the only form that can be certified by means of an apostille.

Electronic Certified Translation

A certified translation in electronic form is a file containing the original document and its translation bearing the qualified electronic signature of a court-sworn translator with a time stamp valid for five years.

You need: A file containing the original document, which you send us by e-mail.

Advantages: You save time and money. You don't need to visit our office to bring and collect the documents; we will send you the translation by e-mail. A certified translation in electronic form can be easily distributed without the need to make additional certified copies.

Document Conversion

Conversion allows certified documents to be converted with no restriction from electronic to paper form and vice versa. The service is provided by Czech POINT. The fee per converted page is CZK 30.