Our interpreting services cover all the standard and less common language combinations and all types of events.

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Interpreting is available at any time and virtually anywhere – we have accompanied clients to a 1,000-meter deep uranium mine and set up an interpreting booth in places ranging from a Vltava river steamboat to a North Sea oilrig, and our interpreters have lent their voice to clients in such places as an airplane or a hot-air balloon.

We provide interpreters and interpreting teams for:

  • simultaneous interpreting at conferences, including state-of-the art conference equipment
  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at meetings and debates, including mobile interpreting equipment
  • guides – interpreters

Complementary interpreting and services with extra value include:

  • interpreting in all language combinations
  • interpreting by court-appointed interpreters
  • telephone interpreting
  • hostess services in various languages
  • organization and language support services during conferences


Our unparalleled network of interpreters allows us to dispatch a professional interpreter to any location in Europe.

All our interpreters are professionals with a perfect command of their language pair, a deep familiarity with the interpreting profession, and a basic knowledge of the applicable specialized field. We use the services of local interpreters in most European localities.

Telephone Interpreting

Interpreting is provided individually based on the customer’s needs. The service is available both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Its frequent users are hospitals and healthcare establishments. Visit the telephone interpreting page for details.


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