Your success on a new market depends to a large extent on how well you are able to adapt to the needs and habits of local consumers. Not only the product itself, but also your strategy for marketing, sales, distribution, and servicing must be comprehensible and acceptable to your new clients.

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The process during which a product or service originating in a certain region is adapted to the language, culture, market, and standards of another region is called localization (l10n). Besides linguistic translation per se, localization includes such tasks as adapting a product to the time zone, currency, public holidays, gender roles, or references to geographical names. An optimally localized product is perceived by the consumer as having been developed within the applicable culture.

For this reason, we always complete localization projects in the country for which a localized product is intended.

Our localization services cover:

  • technology and equipment
  • software
  • on-line help files
  • websites and web-based applications

CAT tools

CAT refers to computer aided translation. The translation work is always done by a professional translator who uses a specialized CAT application in addition his or her expertise. CAT programs ensure the use of consistent terminology, contain translation memory and dictionaries, incorporate review tools, and, no less importantly, include project management tools.

CAT tools give you these advantages:

  • reduction of costs related to translators, programmers, editors, graphic artists, and other specialists
  • reduction of the time needed to introduce your products on new markets
  • high and sustainable quality of translated documents
  • superior project management

CAT tools we use include:

  • Across
  • memoQ
  • SDL Trados
  • Transit NXT

Examples of Partnerships:

FFG EUROPE: Our all-inclusive services include translating operationand maintenance manuals for machine tools and their control systems as well as various other technical documents into numerous world languages.

Siemens Mobility / Vectron locomotives: We provide the translation of technical texts and the localization of a wide range of technical documents for locomotive operation and maintenance into several European languages.

BEZNOSKA: Translation of all language versions of documents for joint replacement (package inserts, surgical instructions, certificates, permits, agreements, etc.) for the needs of a successful Czech manufacturer’s expansion to foreign markets.

We will take care of all your localisation needs.


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