We provide a broad spectrum of translation services for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices and equipment.

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Texts we translate for our clients from the pharmaceutical industry include websites, promotional materials, medication packaging and package leaflets, clinical studies, documents for certification proceedings, medical reports, and various types of agreements.

Texts we translate for pharmaceutical companies include websites, promotional documents, package labels and package inserts, drug certificates, applications for certification, clinical studies, medical reports, and various types of agreements.

Apart from translating specialized texts, our services for hospitals include an interpreting assistance service, both on-site and over the telephone. We provide an expert interpreter for conference calls with less than five minutes’ notice. Our partnerships with health facilities are based on agreements that define the parameters of each of the services we provide, and form a part of our clients’ international medical provider certificates.

Selection of Translators and Proofreaders

Texts for the healthcare industry are translated by medical specialists who possess the necessary language skills. Our translation experts include linguistically proficient pharmacists, chemists, physicians, and engineers who possess hands-on experience in the specialization or with the equipment that is the subject of the texts they translate.

Certified Translation – Where necessary, translated texts are certified by a court-appointed translator. Our pool of associates includes a team of certified interpreters. Certified translations undergo a special check that eliminates any chance of inconsistency or formal inaccuracy. As with all our services, certified translation is available on an express basis. Where required, translated documents are supplied with a certificate of guaranteed quality,which identifies the translator and the proofreader. This service is particularly used by pharmaceutical companies and companies specializing in clinical trials.

Information Security System – The system protects our clients’ confidential information against loss and misuse throughout all stages of the translation process. The system is fully compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001 international standard. Since January 2010, the system has been regularly recertified by an independent auditor at the prescribed frequency.


Our translation services are used by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices and equipment, hospitals, and patients.

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Examples of Partnerships:

BEZNOSKA: We provide the translation, proofreading, and editing of all language versions of documents for joint replacement (package inserts, surgical instructions, certificates, permits, agreements, etc.) for the needs of a successful Czech manufacturer’s expansion to foreign markets.

Parexel International: This is an all-inclusive, long-term partnership involving the translation of legally binding medical texts for clinical trials. Most translations are certified or accompanied with a certificate of guaranteed quality.

Královské Vinohrady Teaching Hospital: All-inclusive language services for an internationally certified hospital. We provide interpreting in selected languages with contractually defined parameters to facilitate communication with patients who do not speak Czech, as well as specialized translation services and language training with an emphasis on the medical profession.

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